The Belt is used for packaging with grip but also helps you to utilize the warehousing space properly and also enhance the safety level of your people in premises. i.e. while the cargo moves with the help of forklift & stacking on heights. The belt consists of RATCHET TENSIONER BUCKLE & the length of the belt is 5 meters. (Standard) but also can be provided tailor made according to customer’s requirement.

It saves lots of time while applying to the pallet & can be done just within a minute. Basically warehousing belts are being used for internal movement of pallets inside the warehouse, as it is totally a REUSABLE SYSTEM. It increases safety as per ISO norms and auditing purpose. We at Oceann Enterprises highly recommend the Ratchet Belt packaging especially in case of heavy cargo schemes.

Key Features

  • It is reusable and light weight
  • Excellent ability to absorb shocks
  • Environmental- friendly with highest safety & with least cost.